How do you know which lenses or frames (optical products) are the best?  Everyone claims theirs is the best, or at least not the worst.  As in most things in life, there is a dramatic difference in the clarity of vision you can achieve with lenses depending upon the quality of the materials and the lab making the lenses. There is also a large difference in the quality of lens coatings available. So what do you do? It’s hard for a consumer to decide what will be best.

We are a private doctor’s office. We sell top quality products that utilize cutting edge technology from manufacturers that have a proven track record of durability and function. There are many labs out there–and we’ve tried several of them–that can get us lenses at a very low price. But we have found that, for glasses, we get what we pay for and cheaper always equals less quality. Sometimes, the big box stores will tell you they are selling the exact same lens as we sell, but when they are evaluated there are many key differences. This is especially true for people that want scratch resistant lenses or for those ordering progressive (no-line multifocal) lenses.

We have called several big box stores and asked for a lens that we sell that uses the latest in technology. At one such store, the sales person told us they had that exact same lens for 80% less than we were selling it for. They even said that lens was available in glass..but that lens is not, and never was, made in glass. So, we asked them who the manufacturer was and they couldn’t tell us even though it was the biggest manufacturer in the country. The point is-yes, you can buy glasses that are cheaper but you really don’t know what you are getting and therefore don’t know what the quality will be either. They will sell you a cheap pair of progressive lenses with a 20 year old design (you can check the patent dates on their products) and say it is a top quality pair of progressives.

We could sell the same pair of glasses for the same price as the big box stores but have chosen not to.  It isn’t right to make a sale just to show high sales numbers when the product is inferior according to modern standards. There are problems with old lens designs and that is why new lens designs are developed, in an effort to eliminate those problems.  We have chosen to use far superior products that are easier for you to use and provide clearer vision.

People who wear glasses know what they don’t like about them. For most it is that they scratch too easily, they get dirty too quickly and don’t clean well. For progressive lens wearers, the biggest complaints are difficulty walking with them on and the lenses distort their vision to the sides causing dizziness or a feeling of tunnel vision. These problems are what lens manufacturers spend millions of dollars trying to fix. That is why old lenses will never be as good as the newer lenses. We now have lens coatings that make plastic lenses nearly as scratch resistant as glass, which is a vast improvement within the last few years. These same coatings repel water, oils and dust so they don’t get dirty as quickly. And the smudges that do get on them wipe off quickly and completely when you do clean them. For progressive lens wearers, the newer designs have been able to reduce distortion on the sides of your vision so that you can use much more of the lens. This means you don’t have to turn your head as much to look at things like you have to in the old lens designs. Also, the new designs remove aberrations in the progressive so your vision is much clearer and sharper than ever before. All this makes for much more comfortable vision in progressive lenses.

All of these features are much better than they used to be with technology from 10-20 years ago. These designs are also never available at a big box store optical. So, when it’s time to update your glasses, come to our office and let us show you the superior products we offer at a great value. You will find yourself spending much less time on return visits and will always be more satisfied with clearer, crisper vision due to the most durable smudge and scratch-resistant lenses.