We are all going through an unprecedented time in our history. We should all be aware that our actions can more directly affect the health and safety of others around us now. People need to be covering their faces in public settings and should avoid touching their faces until they can use hand sanitizer or wash their hands. Using a mask and frequent hand cleansing are the best ways to show actual concern for the well being of others. These are the best way to avoid spreading the disease to others and should be observed by everyone. This disease is not likely to ever go away fully and so be careful to not become a source of the disease for others–stay home if you are feeling sick or feverish or are diagnosed with the disease.


Our office is located at 2459 S Union Place, Suite 120, Kennewick, WA just behind Perfection Tire (less than a block from our old office location).  A Google search shows our location and ours, etc.


Dr. Czirr has been in the Tri-Cities area since he graduated, with honors, from Pacific University College of Optometry in 2000. He started his own private practice in September 2006 and has enjoyed working with many great patients. He has enjoyed the area for the people and the weather and for easy access to so many conveniences.  Optometry has so much to offer the medical field and Dr. Czirr works to stay at the forefront of new treatments and diagnoses. He has a particular interest in managing disease conditions of the eye as it is so satisfying to remedy people’s painful eye or vision problems. Through use of modern lens technology and hi-tech measurements, Dr. Czirr and staff have been able to provide clearer and more comfortable vision to many patients over the years.  Many problems can be improved with proper treatment, from retinal conditions to cataracts to contact lenses and glasses problems.

Dr. Czirr is interested in general optometry and considers optometrists’ role in eye care to be like a general physician’s role in general health care.  We can serve as a primary care provider for your eyes.  That is, we can treat and care for many problems and are the best resource if you are not sure what is wrong with your eyes.  We can help to diagnose the problem, and if needed, we can refer you to a quality specialist in our area to address the problem.

Dr Czirr has a good working relationship with many of the surrounding eye care surgeons and is happy to refer patients to them as surgical needs arise. In addition, if vision therapy is needed, Dr. Czirr works directly with the vision therapy (VT) clinics in the Tri-Cities to get you the care you need for proper visual function.

Dr. Czirr particularly enjoys meeting people and getting to know their unique needs and how to best address those needs. Many people comment how thorough and comprehensive Dr. Czirr is in his exams and that they feel they really got their needs addressed.


We feel lucky here at CanyonView Family Eye Care due to our good working relationship we all have with each other.  This means a happier staff, and that makes everyone happier, which can be seen in the fun we have here in the office.  Our staff have had varied experiences in working in the Optical field but each member is a welcome addition to our team.  We are lucky to have intelligent, experienced, hard working, friendly members of our staff.  We know what we are doing and have a good time doing it.  Let us take care of your eye health and see if we can brighten your day when you visit.

If you’d like to learn more about CanyonView Family Eye Care drop on by or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you.